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They kicked things off with a bang at the end of season four, secretly sleeping together for months, before moving in together and eventually marrying.How you could not love a couple whose relationship kicked off with one person drunk (Monica) and the other in pajamas (Chandler) at pm?"The Mindy Project" kicked off with the protagonist, Dr. " -- which pretty defines the show as a romantic comedy.The show's creator and star, Mindy Kaling, has in real life professed her love of romantic comedies, and in the show's nearly two seasons Kaling's character has been through the romantic ringer.From the classic "Cheers" to the present-day "The Mindy Project" and "New Girl," here are some romantic comedies you should binge watch.Get into the spirit with the show that started it all.Pick your favorite season, and there is a couple to root for (season four, Aiden and Carrie, or season six, Harry and Charlotte). The drink, that is, because that can make everything seem romantic after a while.You can watch "Sex and the City" on HBO Go, and of course, reruns are on E! "Mad About You" was an early '90s romantic comedy about a newly-married couple, Paul and Jamie Buchman.

In the show's seven seasons, Paul and Jamie didn't have a a rock-solid relationship, but their love for each other won out.

The drop in ratings wasn’t a surprise since USA released the entire second season online and on-demand the day after the second season premiered.